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A few weeks ago I attended the PDN Photography Expo in NYC and one of the seminars I signed up for was to see Elizabeth Messina, a very well known photographer in the industry and someone who I have been following for the past year. I was interested in hearing about how she works and her thought process of her photos because her work is really beautiful and she manages to get people to give off strong emotion through her images in a very discreet and relaxed manner. She talked about her thought process and she showed a few slide shows of different photography. When she spoke about her family sessions and showed her work I fell in love with it instantly. I usually see more of her wedding photography but I was able to see more of her family and kids sessions at the seminar. I absolutely fell in love with how natural the shots were and how they captured the state of the family at that current time. No one was dressed to match, it wasn’t at a park or in a studio, it was an at home session completely relaxed and observing the family enjoying each other. Now I don’t know if it’s the hormones but I was definitely a little emotional when she showed her images from those sessions, they made me smile and want to cry for happy reasons 😉 . I don’t usually do family or baby sessions but when I have done them they have been more natural and with parents involved in the session instead of just taking photos of the kids alone. I am not a newborn photographer by any means, photos where you see the babies curled up into little balls and hanging from things and all wrapped up I haven’t ventured into that yet (I will practice on Bella first haha, poor thing has no idea what’s waiting for her), but I do love the at home sessions that are relaxed and more about capturing the moments naturally instead of posing the family too much. With all that said, I was excited to do little Logan’s baby/family session. One because I know Lauren (mom) very well and was excited to capture this for them and two because after that seminar I wanted to definitely give it a go again! So with that said here are a few of my favorites from the Hall-Baker Family session :).

Congratulations Lauren & Eric on your beautiful bundle of joy! He is just perfect and you two will be awesome parents. Can’t wait till Bella arrives so they can play together:). Thank you for asking me to capture this time in your lives for you, Love you all!:)

family photographer This was one of my fave’s love the light and it’s always cute to see daddy with baby:)new jersey lifestyle photographer Logan was in and out of sleep throughout the session lol, he always kept an eye on the crazy lady with the camera 😉 new jersey lifestyle photographer How silly is he in the below photo! Something I did was funny 😉 new jersey lifestyle photographer Just FYI, I really could have edited this entire session in black and white! It was so fitting… lifestyle photography newborn photographer NJ Waving hello! hehe… new jersey lifestyle photographer Giving me the stink eye LOL NJ lifestyle photography newborn photographer NJ and back to sleep he goes, how cute is this! NJ lifestyle photography NJ lifestyle photography family photographer Such a beautiful family!! new jersey lifestyle photographer newborn photographer NJ new jersey lifestyle photographer

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November 10, 2011 - 10:12 am

Judie - Gorgeous!!!!

November 10, 2011 - 10:28 am

Erika - elizabeth messina is just so amazing, right? i almost started crying a few times when i saw her slideshows as well! such a lovely family session. love the intimate, natural feel to the photos. ^-^

November 10, 2011 - 7:01 pm

Meridith - Babys plus Black and White images are perfection!

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