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The fun thing about working in the wedding industry is the amount of people that you have the opportunity to meet and network with! Last year Nichole of Posh & Pretty Parties reached out to me for some head shots for her companies website and I was happy to work with her because I am always looking for other wedding professionals to connect with!

Here is a little more about Posh & Pretty Parties, check out their website for more information. If you are interested in head shots for your company please contact me, I would love to work with you!

What is the difference between a planner and a designer?

A planner is responsible for all of the organizational elements and flow of an event. The designer deals with all of the aesthetic elements of an event. Planning tasks tend to include vendor selection, setting appointments, timelines, contract negotiation, etc. A designer focuses on the beauty of the event details. Aesthetic elements include flowers, lighting, stationery and tabletops.

Are you a designer or a planner?

I offer wedding and event planning services, but I am a designer. My background in corporate events taught me the importance of blending design and planning. Each member of my team has a background in and experience with design and planning that comes from the hotel and corporate events production industry.  They understand the intricacies required to execute all of the planning tasks required to develop and execute a successful event.

You mentioned vintage rentals, what types of items do you have?

I have everything from a 1800’s spinning wheel to crystal lanterns from the 1940’s and everything in between.  I am constantly hunting for treasures and unique finds, so my antique and vintage collection grows constantly.  It is great fun to be in a design session and transport my clients to another time and place.

What is your favorite part of being an event designer?

My favorite question! My favorite part is divided into two parts – the first is working with my clients to write their event story; learning as much about them as possible and finding creative ways to infuse their desires into the design. The second is watching the expression on their faces during the room reveal.   I get goose-bumps each time I pull back a curtain or open a door to present the finish product. The look on their faces is ALWAYS elation and joy. There’s nothing that compares to the emotions that I feel that my clients are delighted.

Thank you Nichole for all the great info!! Check out Posh & Pretty Parties | Event + Floral Design

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