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So I have been really bad about posting personal stuff on here. But it’s for a few reasons that I don’t do it as often as some other photography blogs out there. One reason being, trust me you don’t want me to spam this blog with photos of Bella haha, two while I love reading personal post on others blogs I sometimes feel nowadays with all the social media out there that people don’t cherish privacy a little more so I like to keep some stuff private (hope no one takes offense to that!) and three sometimes I really have nothing to share haha or nothing too interesting going on:). But I will try harder, maybe once a week on Fridays!

Anywho the other day it was kinda nice out, meaning no rain, snow or wind (but it was cloudy and blah) so we took Bella out for a quick stroll around the block. I have been telling myself I need to go out and shoot just for me so I brought my camera along but it’s a little hard to shoot and push the carriage or walk the dog lol. So I took a few random shots nothing crazy, but I want to try and go out more and shoot ordinary things in a more creative way and also do a little street photography once it’s nicer out!

I hope everyone has a nice weekend, the sun is shining today and I hope it stays that way all weekend! We are taking Bella to the cirus on Sunday so hopefully I can share some photos! I hope she has fun:)

It was a black and white kinda day…

Looks it’s an ewok…oh wait not it’s Gizmo, he is getting a much needed haircut tonight… This was taken on valentines day, my lil love bandit <3 I promise to share more about me:)and  any personal shooting I do! Thanks for reading…:)

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