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Earlier this week we went into the city to see The Book of Mormon, which was actually very funny and I learned something new. I will say that we had sooo much to eat between the hours of  1-6pm (lunch, dinner, dessert) lol so I was super tired when we got to the theater and we also walked from 10th street all the way to 49th street to walk off everything we ate 😛 . I love going into NYC (minus the commute) there is always something going on somewhere and I just love the energy! I keep trying to convince John to move into Manhattan lol . We can live perfectly fine in a 600 sq ft apt with Bella 😉  (yea right)! If I ever win the lottery I would love to live in Manhattan with a doorman and all, hehe! Anywho we started our day there by finally going to Momofuku for early dinner (but still their lunch) . We got yummy shrimp buns (oh man those buns were sooo good, so good I forgot to take a picture!)  and then we had a nice big bowl of Ramen, this ain’t your forty cent store ramen haha it was super yummy! Unfortunately we arrived at last call for lunch so we were a little rushed but it was still very yummy. FYI don’t ask for a diet coke there they don’t have that lol they looked at me like I was crazy. They said we have “cola” with real sugar….uhh ok I will have one of those lol (damn organic food places….jk…kinda) . After leaving there we walked and decided we would just walk off all that food and a little while later we came across Max Brenner (Chocolate by the Bald Man) and of course there is ALWAYS room for dessert (ok not really but I forced myself to eat!). I got a yummy swiss hot milk chocolate and a chocolate twist, it was quite delicious. When we walked into this place I was like a kid in a candy store and was super giddy. John always makes fun of me when I am around sweets because he says my mood goes from zero to ten on a scale of happiness! He got a molten chocolate cake, yum! After stuffing our faces we finally had to head to the theater and we had an hour to go from 14th street to 49th street, it was quite a workout, but gave me a chance to take some photos. I could take pictures in the city all day long, I need to go do that one day just me and my camera! I didn’t take my SLR with me, but instead left it up to the phone camera (which i hate, my next phone will have a better camera that is my main concern when I get to upgrade) . So below are some shots from our fun day via Instagram ( I would say follow me on instagram but I have a private profile because it’s basically 99% all photos of Bella so I keep it for close friends and family, so instead I will share the fun stuff on here!)


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