Personal- Piglets, Chicks & Llamas Oh My!

Uh oh watch out another personal post:).

Last weekend we took Bella to a petting farm called Green Medows Farm and I highly recommend it if you want something fun to do with the kids. I think it’s great for toddlers and grown children and I probably had more fun then Bella haha! It is such a cute little place and we got to touch and see all kinds of fun farm animals that Bella is learning about in all her books and toys that make noises.

Bella got to chase some chickens around! Just a side note, don’t dress your kids nice like I did! Put them in old pants and rubber boots, it’s a messy place. Do not wear flip flops or sandals! I got to hold a baby goat!! haha not going to lie i had to fight a little girl to get that goat out of her hands, she wouldn’t give it up LOL Love my face in this one, i was obviously VERY excited about this HUGE cow lol. John didn’t get a photo but i got to squeeze it’s teat LOL It was time to hold some baby chicks!! Bella was soooo excited. She really wanted to hold them but she kept squeezing their necks LOL so we had to help make sure she didn’t squeeze the poor things to death. Haha I am so cheesey, but soo happy LOL Then it was time to see piglets!! I want a piglet sooo bad haha. They were so freakin cute and Bella had fun chasing them and trying to touch each one! How creepy is this guy? See you in November Mr. Turkey!

This week was also my Birthday, blaaah! Haha I am just kidding. I don’t mind my birthday much, for some reason i still feel young inside! I honestly don’t feel my age which i guess is a good thing. Well actually yes i do feel my age when i am past out M-F before 10pm and after shooting a wedding when i can barely pick the baby up but it’s all good! I started running again this week so I hope that helps! I also share my birthday with my little sister who is 12 years younger (yikes!) , she she was turning 19! Oh to be 19 again waaah!!

John got me a new camera bag for when we go on our family ventures, so excited!! He got me this beautiful bag from Ona, check them out they are really nice! Unfortunately they are on back order for a bit so i don’t have it yet but I CANT WAIT!

Hope you all have a good weekend!


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