Personal- Happy Mama’s Day!

My thoughts on being someones mother (lol) …..

It’s a lot of work, which of course I was not blind too. I always thought to myself where do these women get the energy to give their attention and time to these kids all the time! That’s why I always give huge props to the stay at home mama’s out there! It’s pretty crazy to see that I am capable of giving my energy and time to this little person, I honestly never thought I would have it in me. I mean let me tell you I was one of the worse babysitters ever. I use to fall asleep while babysitting LOL oops! I once was watching my god son and I feel asleep for a minute and woke up he had locked himself in the dog crate, helloooooo! See what I mean?:)So I would like to take a minute to congratulate myself , give myself a pat on the back for making it to 15 months and not having any of the above happen YET LOL! Sure I have had my bad mommy moments (like when she feel off the bed and smacked her head HARD, or i pulled her by the pants only to have her fall right on her face and bite her lip….don’t judge me, or even better when I leave work and go straight home only to realize that I forgot Bella at daycare! That one happens more then I would like to admit! 😉  ) . All those moments are memories in the making and lessons being learned. Everyday I learn something new from this little girl, I think she teaches me more then I teach her. I am amazed at how fast she is growing and learning she is such a smart little girl and I CANNOT wait, well maybe yes i can wait to see what a beautiful woman she turns out to be. I try my hardest to capture every single moment of her life because I don’t want to forget , ever! Sometimes though I know I need to put the phone or camera down and just take in her moments so that she remembers me in them too!

With All that said, I want to say Thank You to Bella. For totally changing my life and making me see that yes I DO have it in me to raise this little girl and give her my all 110% of the time! Also for making me realize what actually matters and to always take time to take in those memories. Of course I could not be the mommy I am today if it wasn’t for my own mom. She has taught me to be strong, hardworking and compassionate. I hope that I can pass that on to Bella and teach her to be a strong independent woman! A huge Happy Mothers Day to all the mom’s out there!

Now because a post is way more fun with pictures, here a few (haha more like a bunch) of photos of me and my little girl…..

We recently did our own Mommy and Me Session, thanks to Kristy O Photography! Here is a little sneak…


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