Personal- Trip to Liberty Science Center

Ok so to make good on my promise of sharing more personal post here is one!:)We took a trip last Friday with family to Liberty Science Center since my god son was visiting with my sister and brother in law (leaving today:()  and we wanted to take him somewhere fun! I loove this place we use to go on field trips all the time. Speaking of which there were like 20 schools there it was packed with kids, yikes! We had a fun time and Bella go to enjoy it but she is still a little too young for that place but they have some cute spots for toddlers to play and explore! Did you know you can have your wedding there?! I would totally do that, it’s a pretty cool building for an event!

John got this really great shot of the expanding ball thingamajigger lol …nice shot babe!

This is pretty awesome, it’s used for surgery . Dr.’s must train on a virtual machine for a long time before using this robot but it’s pretty crazy! Can you imagine that thing cutting into you, eeek! There was a photography & science exhibit  it was pretty cool! My chubbies playing with the puzzles, she actually figured this one out not bad for a 1 year old! Poison Dart frogs! ROACHES YUCK!! Ugh seeing these made my skin crawl…….blaaaah Ok these are by far the SCARIEST things ever….they look like leaves!!! Can you imagine running through the forest and hitting these things and you don’t even realize they are bugs and then they get all over you and you look and they are crawling ahhhhhhh!!! As you can see I’m not a nature person haha!! Gross… Usually I like Turtles but this one was freaking me out, i think it was sleeping lol Hissing Roaches!!! Yuck again…. haha being silly, can you spot me? My favorite part of Liberty Science Center!!!! This area was called “Infection Connection” all about germs and virus’s … Old advertisements ….. Being silly… Love this part! The screen had those little glowy things from the movie and you stand in front of the screen and they land on you! We ended the day at the two exhibits this was the Curious George one, Bella was into it 😉

 Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend! We are taking Bella to see Elmo live on Sunday, can’t wait!!!

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