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These past few weeks have been pretty busy. Wedding season is in full swing and so far so good! Just wanted to share a few instagram moments from these past few weeks! I hope you all had a good work week and have a great weekend! I am off from shooting for the next two weekends and I am really excited for a break and some family time:).

I started making my own ice coffee in the mornings. Until two weekends ago I was leaving for a wedding and running out of the house like a chicken with it’s head cut off that I put this cup on top of my car roof and drove off with it, only to see it fly in front of me at my first stop sign! Waaaaaaahhhh LOL so there goes that…:(

During early June’s mini heat wave or actual summer weather we had no AC, booo! Needless to say the animals were not happy…..My chuggies aka Bella had surgery early June for her ear tubes to be inserted. All went well and she did great. Let’s see if they help!We bought Bella a cat balloon that you can walk with, she was so cute walking her cat balloon around the house LOL, love that girl <3I started running again recently and so far so good, kinda! I still need to get  into a good routine. Sometimes I lay in bed thinking of excuses to not wake up and run lol and other days I just get up and run! A few things that have motivated me are my Slacker radio app, it’s great they have workout stations so I don’t have to make playlist they just do it for me! Map My Run app is awesome it tracks via GPS how far and how fast I run and how many calories! A new app I just learned about Zombie Run turns your run into a game so I am gonna give it a try 😉  I also bought new running shoes because I was running with the crappy Reebok Easy tone shoes and  they hurt, they are heavy and they made my feet fall asleep LOL. I found these great New Balance sneakers and I love them. They had great reviews and so far so good!! I may have to get a pair for weddings LOL:)My new Ona bag came in. Originally John ordered the Palma but they recently announced the new line for summer which included the below Bowery in leather and it’s perfect!! Not too big, just right for taking my camera on family trips!!! So excited to use it:)Ok that’s all for now! Have a great weekend everyone, thanks for reading!

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