Personal- Cooking Class…Uh Oh…

This week John and myself headed to our cooking class at the Viking Cooking School in Natirar . It was a gift from my mother in law for our anniversary. FYI if you need a wedding venue you need to check out Ninety Acres Restaurant that is attached to the cooking school it’s really a beautiful location!

Below was our menu for the night. I am not usually a steak girl but this was perfect for us because we kinda suck with cooking good steak and oh man was it yummy….

This was our chef/teacher for the evening! Chef Suzanne Lowery, she was great check her site out! Here she is telling us what to look for in a good knife and how to care for them, we learned a few good tips and things we were doing wrong!

We were all split into groups of two so John and I got theΒ  Hanger Steak part of the meal (yikes) … of course we got stuck with the most prep work. I was a bit nervous because it included chopping up shallots and well I always mess up the chopping of onions/shallots. I was too busy taking photos I missed her instruction for a second and missed one big step lol. It did cause me to just chop it up as i usually do πŸ˜‰ but the second time around I got it!

John is so happy when he cooks, he is a natural in the kitchen! I really think he needs to leave his day job and go to culinary school! He would make a great chef… Cleaning off the mushrooms. FYI you are not suppose to wash mushrooms that ruins them, instead wipe them off lightly with a paper towel but they are always grown in sterile soil so they are safe to eat without washing! πŸ˜‰ learned something new! I got to prep the Thyme, which was soo lovely to smell….. Ok this is me chopping shallots….. LOL trying not to lose a finger…. not smiling but crying and the whole class was waiting on me lol oops! A few tips on zesting properly!

We then moved onto starting the creme for the souffle and she was teaching us below on how to emulsify (google it πŸ˜‰ ) , thankfully we watch a lot of top chef so we were not completely clueless with the lingo and techniques used lol These two were starting the souffle batter, yummy….

We were up next! John was starting the Demi Glaze sauce, so yummy!! Now normally that is way to bloody for me, but it was so yummy I think i have been converted haha! Prep for the yummy salad! The bacon smelled so good. It was fresh from the restaurants farm next door! Poached eggs! Time to plate… Tada! Doesn’t it look delicious…..well it was! Here comes the souffle! Check out the cooking school, it was a fun time! I would definitely go again. I am very interested in getting into food photography so if anyone out there knows someone who may need some shots for their restaurant please pass my info along!:)…thanks for reading!

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May 31, 2013 - 10:36 am

Jasmine E. - Look at YOU being all Bobby Flay! Fun times. The steak definitley looked delish. :) Good job!

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